Our CTP Team

Our Vision 

The Community Transition Program is a place where young adults ages 18-21 have guided support to identify and pursue their individualized life goals. The transition program is a strength-based, person-centered approach that helps cultivate self-awareness and life-long skills for independence. By participating in the program, individuals create a support network and develop a sense of belonging within the community in which they live.

Our Mission 

Through the five pillars of adult transition skills of Academics for life and adult education, Independent Living Skills, Vocational Training, Community Participation, and, Recreation and Leisure Opportunities, CTP provides guidance, support, and resources for students to reach their highest level of independence.  We work collaboratively to empower and educate our students as they transition to life after high school in achieving the greatest degree of independence and quality of life.

Annie Harrell

CTP Teacher and Case Manager | annie_harrell@ddsd40.org | 503-256-6500 X5269

Holly Sweeney

CTP Teacher and Case Manager | holly_sweeney@ddsd40.org | 503-256-6500 X5284

Kristi Buck

CTP Teacher and Case Manager | kristi_buck@ddsd40.org | 503-256-6500 X1721

Rachel Renick

Vocational Training Lead | rachel_renick@ddsd40.org | 503-256-6500 X4417

Claudia Doerr

Speech and Language Pathologist | claudia_doerr@ddsd40.org | 503-256-6500 X5276

Clarke Miller

Trillium Mental Health Support/Therapist

Amy McDonald

MESD Nurse | 503-256-6500 X8185